Camera Dance

Today is National Photography Day, so here is a poem that brings together the twin disciplines of photoagraphy and dancing!

Your eyes shine bright
Dazzling, in this
Rich world of black and white
Shadows and hues
That celebrate every inch
Of you

Drawn in
By the light of your grace
I feel my hands resting
Upon your grey scale waist
Adjusting focus, four feet finding rhythm
And new paths to trace

The crisp lines of your shoe
Leave light blurs
Flowing over this lens
My shutter eyes too slow
As I am consumed
By your glow

Beyond the visibles touch
I feel
Your warmth pour
As joyfully
This sweet exposure
Is only more and more

This is the dance
The trading of steps
The negatives
From which
Might develop

The first photo
Captured light
A composition of two
Of time and of place
Of footsteps and face
Of dancing

Dave James Horn ©