Every Mirror In Armenia

A poem about the beauty of people inspired by a friend taking selfies in every possible mirror in the mueseum of Sergei Parajanov, and written in the amazing Mirzoyan Library - a truly magical space!

If every mirror in Armenia
Were to be placed in a room
Shined so bright
The moth mistook them for the moon
They would not be enough

Not enough to reflect the light
That beams from smiles and souls
Not enough to capture the delight
When time time, people
And place are just right

Not enough to make visible
The warmth and care
Touching the soul
Inspiring faith
And the vision to dare

If every mirror in Armenia
Were to be placed in one room
They still would not see
That special spark
That electricity

That flows in great works
Of art and film
In the deeds of people
Who joined together
Have no equal

There is only one mirror
That will show you all this
A person's eye
That most special thing
Bright and alive

Dave James Horn ©