Long Time Smile

An exploration of what it feels like to laugh again, the result of a thought triggered by watching Dr Who talk to Davros. There is also workshop news! Stay tuned for an update very soon!

It starts as a spark
A little light
In the big dark
One excitement
Of the synapses

But in the tinder dry brain
Where happiness is as rain
That spark erupts
To cut through
The dead and tame

Neuron to neuron
It dances and grows
Lighting the world
In its own beautiful glow

It can be felt
As it breaks through
Dark grips
And locked doors
Beauty akin to an eclipse

Synapse to synapse
Such a feeling
That time ceases to elapse
This joyful spark
Travelling the brain's tracks

And as it travels on
Serotonin rain pours
Joy fuelled growth
Happily shouts its oath
In fits of giggles

When finally
The spark of laughter has ceased
And life's great rain
Has been released
We can see livings sweet feast

Eyes beaming
Energy streaming
Smiles teeming
The world’s hue
A little lighter

Dave James Horn ©