Changing of the Years

Happy New year! I hope 2019 is filled with joy, laughter and flourishing!

The heavy fog of anticipation
That hangs in the streets
Reflects the glorious flashes
Fired up at the clouds feet
Flashes carried high
On a years worth of dreams

Dreams that begin
With delighted children's screams
As colours illuminate the sky
Dreams which grow into waves
To change the course
Of our collective lives

Dreams that light the eye
And remind us of how to fly
As that fog of anticipation
Becomes the hopeful clouds
That fill our new sky
Our new stomping ground
As from old dark gravities we untie

From our hope filled clouds
Let us see the sun rise
Brighter than ever before
As we fill our lives with kindness
Friends, care, adventures
And all the things we adore

And as those rays of light hit upon the face
And on it a golden smile they trace
Know this year is yours
Putty in the hands, putty with which
Regardless of the years pitch
You can make masterpieces

Dave James Horn ©