In Defense of Love

This is a poem written back in the Summer for Byron Vincent’s Love Box, performed at the closing event of Normal? Festival of the Brain 2018. It was so much fun to be part of and perhaps my biggest performance to date! Exciting times, and time this poem saw the light of day.

Love, it's a weird one ain't it
So hard to explain it
But those aren't my words
Just a sign of the many
That have held it In highly esteemed climes

My challenge is to defend love
And my repost
Shall I defend air to?
Because to live without either
Is just no good for you

As air fills our lungs
Love lights our eyes
Moves our tongues
Air and love ours equally
Whatever the funds

And just like air
There's no getting away from love
It'll get you
Subtly maybe, like a breeze
Or strongly, like a horny polar bear

Quite frankly, it's everywhere
The food you adore
That band you just can't get enough
Or that certain person
You just want more and more and more

Love is what makes things fun
In our lives
It's the only reason n
We get anything
Worth doing done

Aristotle said 'to love it
To do something
With ever increasing excitement'
And by this logic, and the glint in your eyes
I bet you even love to be a cynic

Rather than waste your life
Pretending to be a cynic
Try love
I dare ya
I think there's something in it

Dave James Horn ©