If I Go Tomorrow

For Jeremy, happy travels.

If I go tomorrow
He sad yesterday
In the face of infinity
Characteristicly warm and glib
And he did

Set off on his bike
Into the long shadows
Where new lands lay hid
Always one for adventure
By air, and sea, even open to a hike

Riding off to the echoes of Neil Young
Nights doused
In live music and fun
The way his his living was done

Not much left behind
But faithful friends
And half finished conversations
More thoughts and ideas
Than could ever be mentioned

Taken with him, his true possesion
A photo album of memories
Snap shots, callbacks
To earlier adventures
Across a long trodden path

Cycling into the long shadows
To see what there is
Heavenly meadows
Or arrangements of quarks that fizz
A new adventure on which to go

But not fully gone
Many standing in tyre tracks
Connected to this man still
His journey
As it goes on

And always, in those echoes
Where music ebbs and flows
Where conversation sparkles
And echoes the sunlight
Long into the night

Adding an echoe of his own
One you can hear
If you strain your ear
A voice saying
Live full, live well
Live right

Dave James Horn ©