From Where It Comes And Where It Goes

Somethings can only be
Alluded to
Evidence of their action
The only way conclusions
Can be reached through

They tantalise
Wearing all things
As their disguise
Plain to see
If only we knew how to use our eyes

We can only see their shadow
Casting all
That we see as friend
And that which is foe

We find them
In the gaps
Feel them
As we feel eyes
Upon our backs

We would
Put them on maps
If only we knew
What they looked like
Are they canyons or more like cats?

We find them
Hard to percieve
Because to be
Made by a lack of substance
Is hard to concieve

But we feel them
Through their echoes
Feel the subtle joy
When we stumble into them
With our mind or our toes

Tumble into them
When we ask for sleep
And in its embrace let go
That familar feeling
We love and know

These spaces
Gripping eternity
Like well tied shoelaces
These spaces that lay in the heart
Of the most special places

Dave James Horn ©