This is a poem written about the feelings left behind after an Erasmus+ trip. This one was to Georgia, and run by Millennium Georgia and Bauhaus Cafe CIC. An amazing 10 days, with 50 great people from seven countries. The feeling of sadness and loss feels quite intense after, but these beautiful experiences are gateways to bigger things. If you have the chance to do one I highly recommend it.

This poem has also been put to music by the fabulous musician Russ Davey! It has beome the first in a series of spoken word and music fusions called The Bedroom Tapes, watch out for more soon!

Unwillingly, I am après
After the beautiful moments
Fleetingly perfect
In which I wish
I could have stayed

Après, I wonder
Through unplanned days
Sadder, finding routes
Through the maze
After, not the same as before

But in the hole left
I am richer, not bereft
For it is full of treasure
Such is the value
I dare not measure

I find smiles
I find memories
I find the beautiful moments
With sweet contempories
I find friends

This hole is more of a shrine
To the goodness of people
And the joy
of sharing a beautiful time
Après, I am fuller than before

More space
To learn, love
Discover and explore
More feathers
On which to soar

In my shrine I see
The smiling faces
Of new friends
Who dangle new futures
Like tantalising shoe laces

Après, richer and fuller
Taller not smaller
Crafting an unmade future
Made brighter by smiling eyes
And combined eyes

Ready for the tides
That weave us
Again someday
Into eachothers lives
After, après

Dave James Horn ©