The creative conversation

Dialogue is an open mic with a difference. Dialogue is a place to celebrate, enjoy, explore and grow your creativity,

A dialogue is an evolving, growing a changing conversation. It is a way to explore and develop ideas in ways expected and unexpected. A dialogue is progression.

Dialogue the open mic is:

  • an event for seasoned performers and people just beginning

  • an open mic event with a safe, friendly and warm atmosphere

  • a place to try new material, develop and grow in your field

  • a place to get used to performing in front of an audience

  • a home for your poetry, music, comedy, performance, storytelling, and anything else you may surprise us with

Photos and videos are taken if you want them for you to use as you develop your creative practice. Contact me for information or to get a place.

The amazing Doghouse Outhouse covering King Krule at the open mic I run at Stag Coffee